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Buffalo Harlem Grey Ash American Pool Dining Table


Full Description

Buffalo Harlem American Pool Dining Table

41BADBFC CCB3 4030 9F6F 2D7632E65AC4The Harlem is the latest offering from Buffalo, exuding a modern contemporary design with strong metal U shaped legs and a shallow elegant ash wood cabinet.

Don’t be fooled by the sleekness of design, the Harlem is a ridged and strong table thanks to the steel support undercarriage making the table very stable.

The cabinet and top frame are made from an ash timber available in a Black or Grey Ash finish accompanied with matching 3 pc table tops that transform the pool table into an indistinguishable dining table.

The table tops have metal dowels to connect each respective top, creating a flush surface. This also prevents the table tops from sliding.

Available in a 7ft or 8ft American Pool table size specifications with larger pockets and pool balls to make the table more inclusive for all family and friends.


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Harlem Pool Dining Table Features – 

  • Stylish Contemporary U Shape Steel Leg Design
  • Ash Timber Frame Construction with Matching 3pc Table Tops as Standard
  • American Pool Pockets and 57mm Pool Balls for Wider Appeal
  • Hidden Drop Pocket Set Up
  • Choice of 2 different Finishes and Sizes
  • Bespoke Accessory Pack Included with Option of Deluxe Accessory Pack
  • Option of Table Tennis Tops and Accompanying Colour Matched Accessories
  • 3 pc 1″ Thick Sectional Slate Playing Surface and Tournament Spec Cushions
  • Choice of various Atlas cloth colours as standard or upgrade to Hainsworth Elite Pro.
  • Buffalo Approved for Complete Confidence, Quality gives Security


Atlas Standard Speed Cloth Options 


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Hainsworth Elite Pro Options 


Elite pro thumbnail



Seating Options and Table Top Stand


Here at Home Pool Tables we can supply larger bespoke bench seats, cubes (end stools) and table top stands that can accompany and be a close match to the Harlem, completing the look of your room, see examples below.


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Check out the range of upholstery colours available for the benches and cubes below – 

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Size Guide

Minimum Room Dimensions
Table TypeUsing 48″ CueUsing 52″ CueUsing 57″ Cue
Imperial (feet)Metric (metres)Imperial (feet)Metric (metres)Imperial (feet)Metric (metres)
6ft English Pool Table13′ 7″11′4.143.3514′ 3″11′ 8″4.343.5615′ 1″12′ 6″4.603.81
7ft English Pool Table14′ 4″11′ 4″4.373.4515′12′4.573.6615′ 10″12′ 10″4.833.91
8ft English Pool Table15′ 4″11′ 10″4.673.6116′12′ 6″4.883.8116′ 10″13′ 4″5.134.06
7ft American Pool Table14′ 10″11′ 7″4.523.5315′ 6″12′ 3″4.723.7316′ 4″13′ 1″4.983.99
8ft American Pool Table15′ 8″12′4.783.6616′ 4″12′ 8″4.983.8617′ 2″13′ 6″5.234.11
9ft American Pool Table16′ 8″12′ 6″5.083.8117′ 4″13′ 2″5.284.0118′ 2″14′5.544.27
6ft Snooker Table14′ 1″11′ 1″4.293.3814′ 9″11′ 9″4.503.5815′ 7″12′ 7″4.753.84
7ft Snooker Table15′ 1″11′ 7″4.603.5315′ 9″12′ 3″4.803.7316′ 7″13′ 1″5.053.99
8ft Snooker Table16′ 1″12′ 1″4.903.6816′ 9″12′ 9″5.113.8917′ 7″13′ 7″5.364.14
9ft Snooker Table17′ 4″12′ 10″5.283.9118′13′ 6″5.494.1118′ 10″14′ 4″5.744.37
10ft Snooker Table18′ 4″13′ 4″5.594.0619′12′5.794.2719′ 10″14′ 10″6.054.52
12ft Snooker Table20′ 4″14′ 4″6.204.3721′15′6.404.5721′ 10″15′ 10″6.654.83


Buffalo Pool Table Delivery 

Your pool table will be delivered by a minimum of 2 experienced fitters nationwide with the option to have the table professionally installed.


Delivery Only

Our Free Delivery service will be to the ground floor room of your choice in component form and left to yourself to assemble. Some remote areas incur an additional charge, please see out terms and conditions or contact our showroom for more information.

Please note. Slate bed tables are very heavy (200 + kg) therefore please ensure sufficient numbers of people are available to handle the table safely.

Please Note. As experienced and trained fitters required to set up Buffalo pool tables due to the cloth not being pre-covered, only select this option for shipping or freight purposes.


Delivery & Installation 

Our skilled team of fitters will deliver your pool table to the ground floor of your property in component form and assemble the pool table in your room. The table will also be professionally levelled and the cloth of your choice fitted to your table. If you require the pool table to be installed above or below ground this can be done for an additional charge.

If you have any concerns regarding access restrictions eg. stairs/narrow entrances etc, please contact the showroom and our experts can discuss and advice the best course of action.


Estimated Lead Times 


England & Wales 

Buffalo Pool Tables will be on average 2-5 weeks for delivery/installation in England & Wales as held in stock for quicker turnaround times.

The timescale can vary for remote regions, see our terms and conditions for more information.

A date and time for delivery will be provided within a few days of order with some exceptions for remote areas. Tables are delivered Monday – Friday between 9am to 4pm in England/Wales.



Buffalo Pool Tables will be on average 1-5 weeks for delivery/installation in Scotland as held in stock for quicker turnaround times.

The timescale can vary for remote regions, see our terms and conditions for more information.

A date and time for delivery will be provided 3/4 days prior to delivery with some exceptions for remote areas. Tables are delivered Monday – Friday between 9am to 4pm in Scotland.


Northern Ireland / Ireland / Europe 

A shipping quote can be obtained for delivery by contacting our showroom.

Installation services may be limited for these locations.


Please Note.

Some other additional accessories may arrive prior to your pool table via courier.

Accessory Packs

Standard Accessory Pack 


  • x2 American Pool Cues (choice of sizes)
  • Spots & Stripes American Pool Balls
  • Triangle
  • Diamond 9 Ball Rack
  • Wall Clip Rack
  • Cross Rest
  • Table Brush
  • Colour Coded Chalk


Deluxe Accessory Pack 


  • x4 American Pool Cues (choice of sizes)
  • Upgraded Aramith Spots & Stripes American Pool Balls
  • Triangle
  • Diamond 9 Ball Rack
  • Choice of Pro Cue Wall Rack or Floor Stand
  • Cross & Spider Rests (various finishes)
  • Cloth Cleaner
  • Table Brush
  • Colour Coded Chalk

Aramith Balls

Standard Pool Balls 

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Ventura Pool Balls


Aramith Pool Balls

Aramith balls made by Saluc are considered to be the best quality pool balls available on the market today. Made out of pure phenolic resin instead of hard plastic, the balls are significantly more durable than standard balls found in pubs lasting up to 5 times longer. The phenolic resin material produces a more aesthetically pleasing finish with increased shine which stands out when used on pool tables and are more suitable for use in your home. The material used also reduces the likelihood of the balls fading, discolouring, cracking or chipping over the course of time. For over 5 decades, Aramith has lived up to its incredible reputation for producing the best pool balls and continues to be the most widely played ball by pool professionals and in competitions around the world.

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Aramith Pool Balls


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Aramith Granite Pool Balls


7F8AC827 FDAE 4D6C 8494 DA9F6352860F

Aramith Camouflage Pool Balls


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Duramith Black Tournament Aramith Pool Balls

(As used in the Mosconi Cup and Matchroom Pool events)

Snooker Balls

Snooker Balls & Cloth Marking Option

At Home Pool Tables we provide the option to include a set of Snooker Balls (Standard & Aramith quality) for a variation of games.

If selected you have the choice to have your pool table marked accordingly with a ‘D’ at the top of the table and spots placed for respective coloured snooker balls.

The set also includes a Snooker Triangle and 2 Player Scoreboard.

Please note. Snooker Balls will be the same size as your Pool Balls.

Snooker Markings


Harlem Specification

Length (cm)N/A232258N/A
Width (cm)N/A133146N/A
Height (cm)N/A8080N/A
Playing Surface Area (cm)N/A198 x 99224 x 112N/A
Cabinet Depth (cm)N/A1212N/A
Gross Weight (kg)N/A345419N/A


Please contact our showroom and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the table.